Some Good Questions

…that encapsulate even more – as if it was necessary – why the elites aren’t concerned about the Kung flu. From here

Once again, I ask the resident trolls/true believers, if the virus is sooooo deadly, why aren’t:
1. Homeless people, who don’t social distance, let alone maintain normal sanitary habits, dying by the thousands or even hundreds across the country?
2. The more than 130,000 illegal immigrants flooding across our border, many infected with not only WuFlu, but German measles, polio, tuberculosis and other maladies, mandated to get the juice and wear masks?
3. Thousands of Afghans being repopulated into the country, are also not mandated to get the jab or wear masks?
4. The media, the CDC and their quack mouthpieces, FAUXci and Wollensky, excoriating Nutjob Nancy and the Kenyan Klown, for holding their own super spreader events?

Just keep repeating yourselves and the talking points of your media masters, you pathetic losers.

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