Yet Another “What Have We Done?”

The regrets, they’re starting to pop up, for example, here and there, but this guy, apparently an active duty officer, has an interesting and unexpected perspective with regards to foreign policy (roll-up here (slight editing for readability – also because Twitter aborted the thread):

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump was critical to global security. Now that he’s gone, the world isn’t just much more dangerous, the entire global order is set to be rearranged. Here’s my view as an active duty officer (opinions mine).

As early as the Republican primary race, we heard an endless chorus of voices warning that Donald Trump wasn’t sufficiently “presidential,” that he was unpredictable, that his antics would endanger national security.

While it’s true that he’s temperamentally unlike previous Presidents, the warnings proved hollow. America suffered no serious attacks, ISIL was all but annihilated, Iran took its whipping appropriately, Russia held its peace, and China restrained its more extreme impulses.

Much was made of his demands that our allies take a more active role in ensuring their own security, a stark break from the long-standing pattern of US taxpayer-supplied funding of foreign armed forces, but warnings that our alliances would suffer were unfounded.

Recall that the Obama administration (Biden as VP) oversaw the Russian annexation of portions of Crimea and mustered little more than a strongly worded letter in response. We saw no such repeat under Trump.

Israel, too, enjoyed 4 years of peace, Jerusalem was recognized as her capital. Palestinian and Lebanese terror groups refrained from major assaults. Iran was restrained after the wise US removal from the feckless nuclear deal negotiated by Obama.

Given the timing and manner of our retreat in disgrace from Afghanistan and the ongoing potential hostage situation involving thousands of Americans, perhaps we ought better appreciate what an unapologetically strong US President means to global security.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of his social graces or political discourse, but I think we’d all do well to take a look back to the Admirals and Generals who literally saved the world in WWII. They were more officers than gentlemen, but they were effective.

But Trump’s take-no-prisoners insistence that the US simply wasn’t going to be f*cked with was profoundly useful, as it turns out. And we weren’t the only beneficiaries of his stance. International stability was demonstrably improved on his watch.

It only took a few hours for the CCP to incorporate our Afghan disaster into its threat messaging toward Taiwan.

Under Trump we enjoyed a 4 year reprieve from international aggression, bookended by administrations that apologized for American exceptionalism and prioritized social experiments over lethality in our armed forces.

In the span of a couple months, our Secretary of Defense has declared climate change our top strategic threat, mandated an unproven drug the force doesn’t need, and told thousands of American citizens they’re on their own in Afghanistan.

(On the vaccine note, I guarantee you that as I type this Donald Trump is congratulating himself for Operation Warp Speed. He absolutely cherishes that achievent, but I also guarantee you he wouldn’t have mandated military vaccination.)

The Afghan fiasco has given the world a real-time peek behind the curtain of American global leadership. We have shown ourselves weak, reactive, unprepared, and unreliable. If China wants Taiwan, the time is now.

Two days ago, the President told the American people that we had to leave Afghanistan as and when we did because he can’t commit our troops to a foreign civil war. Now guess how most Americans will view the PRC/Taiwan issue.

I know it seems like a lifetime ago, but put your thoughts of the man aside for a moment and try to remember the global landscape under Donald Trump. It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t prefer that to this.

Whether it’s Trump again or someone who shares his conviction that American strength isn’t just good for America but for the world, I look forward to seeing your name on the ballot. @GovRonDeSantis

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