A Few Kelly Quotes and Predictions

The backlog was too much to delay with onesie-twosie single quote posts. So, here’s a Kelly quote drop.

The Jesse Kelly version of that old Instapundit chestnut:

None of the people telling you to worry about coronavirus are worried about coronavirus.


Number 1)

Each and every “slippery slope” argument the Right was mocked for has become true. People will be openly marrying children within a decade.

Number 2)

Y’all are gonna be shocked when Andrew Cuomo survives all this. Dude is owed lore favors by more powerful people in New York than you can possibly fathom.

Number 3):

PRO TIP: There’s gonna be another thing they try to make you panic over. Might be a disease. Might be something else. But The System is gonna try this again because you showed The System you will comply if you’re scared enough.

Don’t do that again.

Interesting perspective (slightly edited):

TRANSLATION: [FBI] Dir Wray tells the Senate that he did everything he could to pin the death [of USCP Sicknick] on the events of January 6th in order to justify violating the rights of Republicans, but couldn’t find anything.

And this:

I’m still laughing at all the loony conspiracy theorists on the Right who thought the Democrats used some scheme to manipulate election results.

Anyway, here’s Democrat bill H.R.1 that makes all that stuff federal law.

And finally (for today anyway):

Everything The System tells you is a lie. If you can’t get to a place where you have deep distrust in every American institution, you will be useless in the coming struggles.

It’s all rotten. And it’s all a lie. None of what you see is real.

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