Whiteness and White Culture

It’s a decent blog post that addresses the Coca-cola eff-up, the Try To Be Less White campaign for its employees. One of the commenters made an offhand remark about acting white to get ahead in the world and the blog owner tore into him claiming that It’s not even a racial thing. I wrote the following in response (edited slightly). In the response is a link to an article which itself has a link to a list of characteristics that describe “white culture” as compiled by the The National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC). The list itself is given below the fold.

Of course [it's a racial thing], you silly person. You can stubbornly use that euphemism “Western Civilization” but let me ask you, “The western part of what?” Europe, yes? Where white people live and have lived for some 2500 years? Where Western European Civilization became the dominant culture? Of white people, yes?

The various tribes of non-white people mostly think of white people as a racial tribe – heck, even the left half of white people themselves do. That’s what that stupid bint pictured above thinks; she’s not hiding her anti-white racism. The only ones pretending to think that white people are not a racial tribe are those silly white people clinging to some misbegotten notion that Western Civilization is or should be some tribe-less Coca-cola advertisement.

Who came up with that idea? I mean, f’r’chrissakes, we’re only 80 years removed from showing the world that Western Civilization can also be (among) the most inhumane civilization(s) in human history. Forty years, if you use the Balkans instead.

Moreover, berets? Weird looking cigarettes? Looking? Maybe weird smelling, but c’mon man, that’s what all French people are like? Sartre clones? I’m sure the Yellow Vests who protested (and still protest?) against their useless Sartre clones appreciate your bigotry because they’re the small business owners and small-town workers just trying to get by without ever once discussing deconstructionism.

And finally, AllenS’ comment about the world is usually understood as a metaphor for life. As to acting white to get ahead in life, you might want to read through this list of characteristics of white people compiled by non-whites and tell me if you think that people having those characteristics would *not* be successful in life. Anywhere.

List below the fold.

Rugged Individualism
- Self-reliance
- Individual is primary unit
- Independence and autonomy highly valued and rewarded
- Individuals assumed to be in control of their environment (“You get what you deserve”)
- Be #1
- Win at all costs
- Winner-loser dichotomy
- Action Orientation
- Master and control nature
- Must always “do something” about a situation
- Aggressiveness and Extroversion
- Decision-Making
- Majority rules (when Whites have power)
- Based on English common law
- Protect property and entitlements
- Intent counts
- “The King’s English” rules
- Written tradition
- Avoid conflict, intimacy
- Don’t show emotion
- Don’t discuss personal life
- Be polite
- Based on Christian religions
- Based on white history and male leaders
- Based on Northern European immigrants’ experience in the United States
- Heavy focus on the British Empire
- Primacy of Western (Greek, Roman) and Judeo-Christian tradition
Protestant Work Ethic
- Hard work is the key to success
- Work before play
- “If you didn’t meet your goals, you didn’t work hard enough”
Emphasis on Scientific Method
- Objective, rational linear thinking
- Cause and effect relationships
- Quantitative emphasis
Status, Power and Authority
- Wealth = worth
- Heavy value on ownership of goods, space, property
- Your job is how you are
- Respect authority
- Adherence to rigid time schedules
- Time viewed as a commodity
Future Orientation
- Plan for future
- Delayed gratification
- Progress is always best
- “Tomorrow will be better”
Family Structure
- Nuclear family (father, mother, 2.3 children is the ideal social unit
- Husband is breadwinner and head of household
- Wife is homemaker and subordinate to husband
- Children should have own rooms, be independent
- Based on European culture
- Woman’s beauty based on blonde, thin – “Barbie”
- Man’s attractiveness based on economic status, power, intellect
- Steak and potatoes; “bland is best”
- Christianity is the norm
- Anything other than Judeo-Christian tradition is foreign
- No tolerance for deviation from single god concept

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