The Thirty Tyrants

Suggestions from two different directions: Jesse Kelly via Twitter and Ace of Spades via Sarah at Instapundit. Worthwhile also to read the history of the Thirty Tyrants from Wiki.

The article itself, The Thirty Tyrants , is enormous and covers a lot of ground. Some of the things I found of particular interest I quote below.

Because of Trump’s pressure on the Americans who benefited extravagantly from the U.S.-China relationship, these strange bedfellows acquired what Marxists call class consciousness–and joined together to fight back [...]

It makes sense. Trump not only exposed the, well, traitors in the mist, but also gave them the impetus to work together.

More importantly.

So Americans became prey to an anti-democratic elite that used the coronavirus to demoralize them; lay waste to small businesses; leave them vulnerable to rioters who are free to steal, burn, and kill; keep their children from school and the dying from the last embrace of their loved ones; and desecrate American history, culture, and society; and defame the country as systemically racist in order to furnish the predicate for why ordinary Americans in fact deserved the hell that the elite’s private and public sector proxies had already prepared for them.


What does history teach us about this moment? The bad news is that the Thirty Tyrants exiled notable Athenian democrats and confiscated their property while murdering an estimated 5% of the Athenian population. The good news is that their rule lasted less than a year.

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