Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus

During the weeks after the election there was loose talk – a lot of loose talk – about how Trump was going to return triumphantly, like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon to defeat his enemies. That has proven to be incorrect; this, from the Borepatch blog, is a much better perspective (via the BattleSwarm blog). This is an extremely interesting blog post that even includes a reference to Enoch Powell, “[who] was one of the first politicians to be de-platformed”.

Donald Trump is the Tiberius Gracchus of our day. He is the guy who noticed that while the American Republic had swept all foreign enemies before it, the working class had suffered despite the great riches of empire. Donald Trump decided to run for public office despite his great family wealth, and to put forth his formidable political skills to benefit the American Working Joe. He failed, because the American political establishment buried their traditional political differences in the face of Trump’s challenge, and in fact had him [well, we'll have to see if they let him live free, or jail him, or kill him].

Notice how nicely this fits with My Conspiracy Theory.

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