If you don’t die from one thing, you die from something else

I don’t know if I’m yet smart enough to translate the whole article, but it sure looked interesting. It is from El Diario de Xalapa, a Mexican newspaper from the town of Xalapa (Jalapa).

Mexico is having its own struggle with the Kung flu. From what I can tell, Mexican authorities are pretty guarded about releasing data, so there is very little to go on except for case counts and death counts. Both counts are breathlessly reported on a daily basis. They are also, if you do the math, just as inconsequential in Mexico as they are here in the US. In the state of Veracruz (where Xalapa is located), there are 8M people and they are reporting (20201202) ~5600 deaths from the Kung flu. This is a microscopic death toll of 0.07% that more or less matches the microscopic death toll in MN (USA – 3600 / 5.3M ==> .0679%).

So, with all that said, I was pretty interested to discover this article written about a mayor in the Mexican town of Xico (original text below the fold – repetitions elided).

The economy is at the point of collapse: mayor of Xico

If you don’t die from one thing, you die from something else, promised Gloria Galvan Orduña in response to criticism about crowds in Villa Iluminada [see picture in link].
“For those that have an income, then maybe it doesn’t matter, but those that live day-to-day are at the point of collapse and we are going to have other, very different problems and there may be more crime [...]“, she explained.

And indeed, a month ago, the newspaper was reporting just this kind of thing. We are dying of hunger, shout [street] musicians in Xalapa, Hunger expands and touches more families, or Their fridge is as empty as their stomachs. Hunger in SLP [San Luis Potosí?].

But that was then and this is now and apparently the whole hunger angle is now less important and less interesting than counting masks. Even tho’ the price of tortillas is due to rise in January.

La economía está a punto de colapsar: alcaldesa de Xico

“Si no se van a morir de una cosa, se van a morir de otra” aseguró Gloria Galvan Orduña en respuesta a las críticas sobre aglomeraciones en Villa Iluminada

[“Si no se van a morir de una cosa, se van a morir de otra” aseguró la presidenta municipal de Xico, Gloria Galvan Orduña a las críticas sobre las aglomeraciones que se registraron la noche de ayer domingo en el municipio debido a la inauguración de la Villa Iluminada. Entrevistada a su llegada al Congreso Local, la funcionaria municipal precisó que la economía en el municipio no se puede detener y que, a casi un año de la parálisis ocasionada por el Covid-19 está “a punto de colapsar”.]

“Los que tenemos un salario pues a lo mejor no pasa nada pero las personas que van día a día están a punto de colapsar y vamos a tener otros problemas muy diferentes, puede haber más delincuencia[ y bueno, si no se van a morir de una cosa se van a morir de otra”,] expuso.

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