Tangletown Redux

The “predux” (is that a word?).

Driscoll via Instapundit posts an update link to a post from James Lileks. Lileks lives in or near Tangletown (I don’t actually know) and did a follow-up. It’s actually pretty interesting because he found out what was actually happening in that picture – and – what happened after (link to the original post is here).

As to his conclusions about the event, I can understand that he might be sensitive about the event, because it took place in an area he’s lived in for years; they’re his people, so to speak. However. Lilek’s opinion, which is actually pretty strong, is made so opaque with there’s this and there’s that, that I see many readers (from the comments) misunderstanding his point. Case in point is his attack on the “lol, Biden sign” people and then kinda, sorta reversing course to admit that yes, the people for whom one casts their votes can and will affect their life.

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