Tangletown Tirade

A friend of mine sent me a link to a Powerline post, Crime In My Old Neighborhood. While I can’t claim it to be my old neighborhood, I can claim that I know the area and have visited it more than a few times: one of my uncles owned a house there. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter parties with the extended family have been spent there.

Now. Read the post. Don’t worry, it’s mostly one big image.

One of the comments is from another metro-dweller who I sort of know as a fellow commenter on a blog we frequent. He remarks on the possibilities of being legally armed and taking action against the carjackers. I’ll just post the whole comment, because it’s actually the second half that I find interesting (I’ll bold it).

Imagine the driver had a permit to carry a pistol, was carrying a pistol, and shot him dead. Could she beat the murder rap by pleading self-defense?

Didn’t start the fight – check.
Imminent threat of death by the guy pointing a gun at her – check.
Used reasonable force (gun for gun) – check.
Could not retreat. Maybe? Throw it in reverse? Run him over?

She might not be convicted but she’d spend a year in jail waiting for trial, her attorney’s fees would be more than I make in a year, and the mob would demand she and her husband be fired, their kids expelled, and their house burned down because the yute was just turning his life around when she ended it in a fit of white supremacist racial oppression.

The lesson here is the one Jeff Cooper gave when asked: “If you knew you were going to a gun fight, what gun would you take?”

“If I knew I was going to a gun fight, I wouldn’t go.”

Just so, as I don’t go to Minneapolis anymore, even the nice parts, ever. Because nobody wins a gun fight: there’s only the guy who lost his life and the guy who lost everything else.

I was there, right near the area, a few weeks ago, but Lyndale going north was backed up and I turned west on 54th prior to making it Minnehaha Parkway where I wanted to drive. I doubt I’ll go there again.

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