Someone notices something:

We’ve been told for months there would be a “Second Wave.” We were told that slowing the curve would help prepare for it. We gave in to restrictions, mandates, job loss, delayed medical treatment, killed schools, suffered loss, cancelled events, and mourned alone. 1/

2/ We did all that we were told and then some. And now the radical activists in government are saying they are STILL unprepared for the “second wave?” Why have hospitals not prepared? Why haven’t they stockpiled PPE? Why did they lay off hundreds of staff and close facilities?

3/ Have they all been waiting for their payout? What has been promised to hospitals, companies, education groups, unions, and govt activists? FOLLOW THE MONEY to find the agenda. There is no logical reason every healthcare facility and govt agency isn’t ready for 2nd wave.

Oh, but others are noticing as well:

Eight months to prepare for the event, but nothing was done.

Or as a follow-up

I wouldn’t say nothing.

We paid for a useless $7M building that needs major repair.

We closed 2 hospitals.

We allowed major parts of the city to be destroyed.

@GovTimWalz gives Minnesota what they want.

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