Schlichter retweeted a twitter exchange which started like this:

I don’t particularly like having to take my shoes and belt off at an airport since 9/11 but I don’t complain about it. Wearing a mask is nothing. People need to get over themselves.

The response:

Funny you use that example, because those post 9/11 measures were supposed to be TEMPORARY.

19 years later, going through an airport is still a pain in the butt. As if you can hijack a plane with a 500ml bottle of water and body lotion. [Man shrugging image]

If you want to wear a mask, go ‘head.

And the follow-up:

People still ain’t getting it.

It’s not just about masks.

It’s about CONDITIONING you to comply with every shitty little request.

You’re being programmed to become more and more of a slave.

Don’t think. Don’t question. Just do as you’re told.

To be honest, I don’t think there was conscious intent because that would imply a higher intelligence. I do think, however, that someone is going to or has realized that there’s this small but growing heard of gift-horses that can be harnessed.

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