Update (20201120): Small rewrite. Title change. Emphasis on some items I think I (and others) are glossing over.
Scott Johnson at Powerline continues to do great work in spite of the frustrating and annoying behavior of our government in MN. So, as of Saturday, we have a new lockdown. One of the go-to guys for Johnson in figuring all this out is Kevin Roche, who “takes up various strands of Walz’s assertions this week in his comments on the recent press briefings (not specifically including today’s, but they apply)“. Link here. Roche’s main comments are given below edited a bit for brevity; the post in its entirety and the site itself are well worth your while in any case.

1) The Governor has a standard approach to the epidemic decisions that revolve around messaging, not around good decision-making. He constantly appeals to emotion, not rationality.

2) The Governor takes no responsibility for those unilateral actions and constantly attempts to assign blame to external factors and other people. This was recently demonstrated by the shaming and blaming of the population of Minnesota for the surge in cases, despite presenting no evidence to support any behavior change.

3) He has engaged in a campaign of absolute terrorization of the population, emphasizing risk and danger, when the threat to the general population is low.

4) The responses to the epidemic have been unbalanced and reflective of what I call coronamonomania. We never even hear about the jobs lost, businesses gone, those deaths from missed health care, the excess drug and alcohol abuse, the children deprived of a normal school and social experience.

5) The Governor claims to be following the data and science, but he selects only research that supports what he has already decided to do. And he continues to just flat out lie; there is no other way to describe it.

6) His recent responses further restricting bars, restaurants and gyms are not supported by any data. The facts, which were tweeted out by state senator Munson, clearly show that restaurants, bars and gyms account for barely 1% of total cases,

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