Poor Upbringing

I heard about the book, “Fishing in Utopia: Sweden and the Future That Disappeared“, by Andrew Brown, on Snaphanen. It sounded interesting and so I bought it. In contrast to a book like “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance“, which doesn’t discuss very much at all about how to maintain motorcycles, Brown’s book has a lot about fishing. The fishing lust was a bit tedious, but there were a number of other interesting things about the book, especially the fact that he came to Sweden at almost the exact time that I arrived in Denmark. I can’t say I learned very much about about Sweden and the future that disappeared, but the book helped me to finally understand the contrast between Scandinavian criminal justice and American.

I always found it odd that the sentences meted out to Scandinavian criminals were so short. Criminally short in a lame attempt at humor. Brown explained that longer sentences are not necessary because the shame of being incarcerated itself is part of the punishment. For a Scandinavian.

And then, some 40 years ago, back in the 80s, the governments of the Scandinavian countries decided to import en masse people from countries without Scandinavian culture. Nor European. Nor even Western. And now, Scandinavians are confused, because the Scandinavian criminal justice system is totally inadequate.

With this in mind, I had a small epiphany this morning when I read this post, “People of other Ethnic Origin [than Danish]* beat up Jan, a 65-year old pensioner: “I’ll never go to the library again” (Birkerød: AEH’ere tæskede Jan, 65-årig førtidspensionist – “Jeg kommer ikke på biblioteket mere…”). The comments from Kim (Mr Uriasposten) are brilliant in this regard (original below the fold – I did not include the quote from the Danish newspaper):

The director of the “county” libraries explains that the problem stems from “maladjusted youths between 13 and 30 years old”, who “have not been brought up [well]“. If someone is up around 30, he can’t really be considered a boy, but rather an adult of his culture. It can be difficult for welfare-Danes to understand, but chicanery is not necessarily an expression of poor child-rearing. It is an integrated part of the culture and when 65 year old pensioner Jan T says that they have no respect for us elders, that lack of respect applies only to elderly non-Muslims. The local imam is king.

Very good. I hope I did the original Danish justice.

* this is really the literary device that is used to describe residents of Denmark who are/were not of Danish origin. It it usually used as an acronym (AEH, or OEO to use my phrasing above).

Chefen for de kommunale biblioteker fortæller, at problemerne udgår fra ‘utilpassede unge mellem 13 og 30 år’, der ‘ikke er blevet opdraget’. Hvis man er op imod 30 år, så er man ikke drengen, men den kulturbærende forælder. Det kan være svært at forstå for velfærdsdanskere, men chikane er ikke nødvendigvis udtryk for dårlig opdragelse. Det er en integreret del af kulturen, og når den 65-årige førtidspensionist Jan Teslak fortæller, at de har ‘disrespekt for os ældre’, så gælder det udelukkende ældre ikke-muslimer. Den lokale imam er konge.

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