Militia Women

This post from Uriasposten is interesting. For some reason I don’t feel like I can do justice to the text, but I really liked the link to the music video.

The song, Militskvinder, ie, Militia Women, (that’s a name search on YouTube for this song, but choose the one with the nice young Chinese women marching, like the one from tvmole). Decent song. Apparently, it came out in the early 80s when I was still living in Denmark but I guess I was too busy at the time to notice. Sigh. The lyrics are, in part, a Danish translation from Mao’s Little Red Book. The tvmole video uses this well all the while making a quiet but determined protest parody. Freely translated below from the Danish.

How bright and proud they look.
With long rifles on their shoulders (x 2)

On the parade-ground lit by the day’s first sunbeams (x 2)

China’s daughters
Intend to aim high

They love uniforms (x4)

Repeat portions.

hvor strålende og stolte
de ser ud
med lange rifler
over skuldrende

på paradepladsen
oplyst af dagens første stråler
Kinas døtre
har sind der stræber højt

de elsker uniformer
ikke silkestoffer

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