Can Lockdowns Really Stop Death?

An interesting guy and self-described contrarian, John Tierney is a welcome if not often seen asset of the Instapundit crew. In this post he links to a very interesting (read fucking brilliant) article from the American Institute for Economic Research, “Superstition in the Pigeon”: Can Lockdowns Really Stop Death?. A few quotes.

All pre-COVID epidemiological and public health literature unanimously acknowledges that it is impossible to stop infectious diseases with isolation and quarantine

And to back this up:

Longstanding practical experience demonstrates that no matter what humans do, nature can always find a way — especially viruses. Case in point: in 1969, a group of twelve men overwintered in Antarctica. During the seventeenth week of perfect quarantine in complete isolation, one of them suddenly developed an upper respiratory tract infection described as “a mild to moderately severe cold.” Over the next two weeks, seven more men contracted the infection.

There’s also comments about politicians doing “something dramatic and visible [so as to] gain popular support”, Neil Ferguson (Imperial Fraudster Extraordinaire), and the Swedish experiment (or control group). And yes, pigeons.

But for me, the most important part was, in parallel with my post from a couple of days ago, that stated that

We, as members of the public, must question our sudden acceptance of the idea that “the power to stop death is held by humans.

There’s more too. And the comments at Instapundit are worth reading as well.

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