The Denmark You Know – 8

Update (20201010) – I changed the title of this from “Too Obvious”. I don’t update the “The Denmark You Know” series as often as I should and then when I do post something about Denmark I forget to include it in this list. Anyway, here after more than a year, the newest post.
Let’s go back to Denmark for a bit. Uriasposten reports (original below the fold):

Dry statistics can show a development, but often hide a brutal reality. The New Liberal party has spoken with 31 year-old Cecilie who during the night at the end of May this year was raped by a 17 year-old Somali in Taastrupgaard. He was caught by an alert police officer using “racial profiling” and was sentenced in august to three and a half years in jail by the court in Glostrup. The judgement was appealed to a higher court on the spot as the perpetrator did not fear deportation in spite of having been given his fourth conditional deportation order

Oooh, this time they really mean it.

Sometimes people write things that are so obviously true that you overlook their significance. In this case, one of the commenters to this post wrote:

It is quite obvious [that] Danish politicians have a higher regard for international agreements than for the safety of Danes.

This is, in general, a European problem, especially amongst the more northern European nations.

Oh, and to drag in a second post from Uriasposten (the one previous), he notes that in Copenhagen jails 67.8% of the incarcerated are of non-Danish origin (foreigners, immigrants, or children of immigrants). Which also conforms the prison population in the rest of the country. These groups together make up 13.3% of the total population.

These dry statistics clearly show that the Danish justice system is racist.

Gold statistik siger noget om udviklingen, men slører ofte den brutale virkelighed. Nye Borgerlige har talt med 31-årige Cecilie, der en nattetime i slutningen af maj i år blev voldtaget af en 17-årig somalier i Taastrupgaard. Han blev fanget af en årvågen betjent med en solid omgang ‘racial profiling’, og blev i august idømt 3,5 års fængsel ved Retten i Glostrup. Dommen blev anket til Østre Landsret på stedet, da gerningsmanden ikke frygtede udvisning, trods det at han lige havde fået den fjerde betingede udvisningsdom.
Det er helt åbenlyst. Danske politikere vægter hensynet til internationale konventioner højere end hensynet til danskernes sikkerhed!

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