How It Will End

I wrote this as a comment a few days ago (Aug 19) at the Shot in the Dark blog:

Actually, if you want to know how this all ends, I’ve figured it out.

At some point in time the Democrats (the insiders, the power-brokers) will decide that this whole grift is not politically useful anymore and the message will go out to the media. There will be no more daily counts of this, that, and the other oh-so important statistic. Articles and opinion pieces will go out describing all the successes and how nice it is to be back to normal and how much we’ve learned and how we should all pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. State and local governments will be told to back off restrictions. In particular. all the germophobes who have been so important to keeping this grift going will suddenly be ignored, told to shut up, and/or ridiculed.

Nothing of the underlying pandemic will change.

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