Our Expert Class

Our expert class, as Schlichter reminds us:

We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus. In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.

I bolded the important part in case anyone asks why we’re supposed to listen to the scientists like Jennifer (who has DrPh and Epidemiology and global health security policy in her twitter bio).

Conservative gadfly, Stephen L. Miller, responds to another of Jennifer’s colleagues:

No, I’m sorry, that’s not what we were told. We were told that this Virus impacts poor communities of color the hardest. All outdoor activities are suspended, as are religious services. You don’t get to make up the rules when the virus is convenient for you.

These guys are rewriting the rulebook to suit their personal narrative and it’s going to cause a massive crater in trust of public health officials, and then they will of course wash their hands and not accept any responsibility or blame.

Which segues nicely into a nice history of how things have gone in MN and the consequences thereof

Went to an in-law’s birthday party at a golf course in Wisconsin. Mask
order in effect, completely ignored by everybody except the bartender.
A cousin said,”If I hear one more person say it’s all going to end after
the election, I’ll scream. How can people be so ignorant?”

I didn’t engage, of course, but her comment made me think. I don’t
believe Covid is as contagious and as deadly as politicians say, so I
don’t believe the mask and social distancing are necessary. Why don’t I
believe it?

The numbers are phony, the rules are arbitrary, politicians don’t act
like they believe their own stories, enforcement is inconsistent and the
media won’t admit the Emperor has no clothes.

In his first press conference announcing the Peacetime Emergency,
Governor Walz said our million-dollar computer model predicted 70,000
Minnesotans would die if we did nothing, but only 50,000 would die if we
implemented the strict lock-down. We did and six months later, there
are barely 2,000 dead and that’s counting every death from respiratory
distress as Covid – even without a test to confirm it – and scraping the
bottom of the barrel to include 100-year-old nursing home patients. The
justification for extreme measures – piles of dead bodies – was not true.

In later press conferences, Governor Walz announced the new-and-improved
computer model predicted – with a 95% confidence level – that we would
have a surge of Covid deaths coming in May, could be June, possibly
July, certainly by August. The surge would be so large that local
mortuaries wouldn’t be able to handle all the corpses. To prepare, the
State spent $7 million on a refrigerated warehouse to hold up to 5,000
bodies. But daily deaths are in the single digits. The justification
for continuing extreme measures – the surge of deaths – was not true.

Early on, in-person worship service was outright banned but buying
lumber at Menard’s was perfectly legal. Candy stores were non-essential
until a friend of the governor got special permission to open his
store. There was no explanation of the medical or scientific reason
some stores could open and some could not, no double-blind peer-reviewed
studies showing why six feet was safe but five was not, no health care
professional explaining how wearing a mask of the most porous material
would still prevent the spread of the virus. The justification for the
rules was non-existent.

If politicians actually believed Covid was deadly and that anybody could
die from it – infants to seniors – then politicians would implement
strict rules to prevent the spread of the virus and wouldn’t grant
exceptions to the rules for non-medical reasons. We wouldn’t send
infected patients back to live in nursing homes with the most
vulnerable, at-risk population. We wouldn’t encourage people to shout
protest slogans when church singing is banned. We wouldn’t have
funerals for me, but not for thee. We wouldn’t show up at ball games
without a mask; hell, we wouldn’t go to ball games at all. No
non-essential activities would be permitted. The exceptions prove the
virus isn’t contagious enough or deadly enough to require serious rules.

If politicians actually believed Covid was deadly, no group would be
allowed to engage in any protest – peaceful or not. When politically
favored groups get a pass but politically disfavored groups are
aggressively prosecuted, public health and safety concerns cannot be the

Last but definitely not least, if a Republican governor had told as many
whoppers and achieved equally poor results, the media would be all over
it. The fact they can’t even bring themselves to ask simple questions
like, “How come Wisconsin is doing better than we are?” or “What
happened to the surge?” is proof the media knows this is all a Democrat
political tactic.

Those are the reasons I believe that if Joe Biden wins, his first act as
President will be to say “We’ve flattened the curve as much as we can.
Now we need to move as quickly as possible to achieve herd immunity. We
must get the economy rolling again so minorities, women and working
families can get back on their feet. All restrictions are lifted.”

As I mentioned before, all the various restrictions and other folderol will be modified or removed when (Democrat) politicians believe it politically expedient to do so. The first and most obvious date is just after the inauguration. However, as commenters to that blog post linked to above have mentioned, it may not be until May of 2021.

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