Scott Adams Predicts

First this:

The more CNN talks about “What if Trump loses and does not leave the job,” the more you know Coup V2.0 is a go.

Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.

Step 2: Claim Trump’s electoral victory is not legitimate.

Step 3: Use media brainwashing to make it “true” that Trump really lost but has become a dictator, staying in power.

Step 4: Impeach or otherwise remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation.

Instapundit frames this as “Scott Adams Has a disturbing history of being correct”.

And then Joel Pollak notes:

[Scott Adams] makes a point that should have been obvious: now that the postal *union* has endorsed one of the candidates (Joe Biden), there is no way an election handled by mail can *ever* be seen as credible. The people handling the ballots want Dems to win. It’s ridiculous.

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