Your Woke Tipping Point

A Question

“Everyone is a racist.”
“Abolish the police.”
“Sex isn’t real.”
“2+2 isn’t 4.”

Where is your woke tipping point? You need to have one.

Every single one of these items is something taken seriously by way too many people (which is why I added the links that weren’t there in the original). However, a followup tweet mentioned something else:

Those are symptoms. You need to identify the cause. It’s “reality is socially constructed”.

This social construction grift is not just some (pseudo-)intellectual voodoo (even tho’ it is), is it also considered “some serious shit” to be taught to those un(der)educated twits that go to college. The more elite the university, the more pure the indoctrination. It’ll have to be ripped out by the roots eventually.

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