A Fool, an Ideologue, or Both?

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for weeks now. Nice to have someone do for me.

Alex Berenson asks

Being terrified in early March was prudent. Being terrified in early April was wrong but understandable. But being terrified now makes you a fool, an ideologue, or both. And spreading that terror is worse.

Terrified seems like a dumb reaction because it limits your options. Regardless, someone responded

this x1000.

I was terrified in March, and still very cautious in April.

But now the data so overwhelmingly speaks for itself. It’s like we’ve forgotten there is a basic risk to living each day.

and then followed up

I’ve been saying this for months. It’s almost like we convinced ourselves that prior to March we were living with 0% risk and now we can’t go back to our lives unless we reach some fantastical stage of no risk when that was never the case to begin with.

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