The Suicide Paradigm

I don’t know how many there are as of this writing, but I stumbled across an unpublished post that refers to this article from 2011, The Suicidal Paradigm (I disagree with the title translation). The article and site still exist, but I wanted to highlight a few interesting things. First, the context

I recently had the privilege to exchange a series of questions with Norwegian author and pundit Ole Jørgen Anfindsen via e-mail. Anfindsen’s writings on race, gender, and political correctness have appeared in major publications, and provide a rare corrective to the prevailing orthodoxies about those subjects. He founded the English- and Scandinavian-language website Honest Thinging [still exists] with his brother Jens Tomas, and is currently its editor. His recent book Selvmordsparadigmet (The Suicidal Paradigm) features original contributions by Henry Harpending, Frank Salter, and Fjordman.

OK, and the point:

The general problems of multiculturalism and Western immigration policies[...]

My book proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Western politicians, rather than basing their views on a scientific understanding of human nature and human biodiversity, have chosen to build their policies on a foundation consisting of a disgraceful mixture of lies, half-truths, and wishful thinking. The basic thesis of The Suicidal Paradigm is that no country, no nation, no society can indulge in said kinds of dishonesty without destroying its democracy and becoming unsustainable. In other words, my book sets out to convince its readers that the Western world has adopted an intellectual paradigm that will ultimately lead to civilizational suicide.

Waittaminute. Unscientific drivel was causing problems 20, 30, 40 years ago. Say it ain’t so.

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