It’s Never the Left’s Fault

I was reading a comment to a blog post in which a lefty troll claimed “In fact, Trump has done more to enable and empower the forces of left-illiberalism than anyone on the left“. I was reminded of that great quote from the movie Forrest Gump in which an abusive boyfriend tries to excuse his previous abuse by explaining

Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson and…I would never hurt you. You know that.

I was surprised by how hard it was to find this quote. IMDB didn’t have it (wut?) nor did a lot of other Forrest Gump quote sites. I finally found the quote in its entirety here, a site that looks to be, like mine, a collection of interesting things or, of course, a Thing Finder. Thanks to the maintainer of that site.

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