How to Distract from Your Class Privilege

An absolutely fascinating article about the origin of “white privilege” and the fraud-ette that created it.

The concept of ‘white privilege’ was popularized by Peggy McIntosh in a 1989 paper written at Harvard University and titled, “White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack.” It was written as a personal, experiential essay, and it details 26 ways in which McIntosh’s skin color has been decisive in determining her life outcomes. This hugely influential paper has been responsible for the subsequent proliferation of a rigidly enforced theory of privilege throughout social movements and university classrooms. So central has this doctrine become to progressive politics, pedagogy, and activism, that to even question its validity is to invite the inquisitorial wrath of ‘social justice’ radicals.

which eventually concludes

All of which means that pretty much anything you read about ‘white privilege’ is traceable to an ‘experiential’ essay written by a woman who benefitted from massive wealth, a panoply of aristocratic connections, and absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever.

The article concludes with a discussion and very important admonition about the dangers of Identity Politics.

Every time identity politics has been used by any faction in human history for any reason violence eventually follows.

The country of Yugoslavia in which the author served with the UN is mentioned as an example of these dangers. The comments below this article include a number from people who have ties to Yugoslavia and agree with this assertion (along with a number of others from pseudo-intellectual mid-wits who won’t address the issue raised by the article).

Oh, yeah, hat tip to Shot in the Dark blog.

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