Performance Art

He sure is one perceptive SOB… in a comment to someone who asks

The question is at what point does civil disorder become rebellion? For decades, the Dems have spoken of riots as “uprisings.” As Hinderaker points out, AG Ellison is on the other side. This is insurrection, widely coordinated, with the likely collusion of some of the govs.

Schlichter responds:

It won’t, because this is performance art. This is not a kinetic operation. This is an information operation directed primarily at intimidating the Democrats who run big cities and secondarily the rest of us to instill fear. (update here).

Think about it… as he notes:

They have been very careful not to kill large numbers of people (unlike LA) or attack non-commercial areas.

Either would see an overwhelming demand for a crushing response.

This strategy leverages cowardly Democrat politicians to not react.

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