Twitter and Trump: A Marriage Made In Therapy

I coulda written this. Great post.

Long before I thought he might be elected president back in 2016, I kept saying that political science students would one day be studying Donald Trump’s use of Twitter during the campaign.

After he was elected, I was one of the very few Republicans who didn’t preface every good thing I’d say about him with some weak-sauce, “Well, I wish he didn’t tweet so much.” Quite the opposite, in fact. I was already a huge fan of his Twitter habits. I wrote on more than one occasion that he would teach every elected Republican to tweet properly.

What Trump has managed to do with Twitter is counter the narrative advantage that the mainstream media always had and used against Republican presidents. He doesn’t have to rely on press releases or press conferences to get his side of any story out to the public, he just wakes up and starts tweeting.

For those of us who were sick of watching the MSM run roughshod over Republican presidents, Trump’s Twitter rants were a thing of absolute beauty.

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