Better to Reign in Hell, Than Serve in Heaven

This is a fine comment which will lead into another (see link below). I’m not OCD enough to create a link to each of the items below, but they’re all true and/or evident. Well-stated.

Knit masks. Politicians breaking lock-down for personal jaunts. Reporters who wear masks on-camera only. Computer models that fail to match the past and can’t even explain the present, much less predict the future. Rules that incorporate numbers plucked out of the air – 6 feet, 25%, one tank – and categories chosen without explanation – religion is not essential, but candy is – and spending bills that include every Liberal wish-list item despite having no relation to the virus: all these and more are mounting daily evidence that President Trump was correct.

The existence of the virus is not a hoax. The Democrats’ panic over the virus is the hoax. It’s not a real panic, it’s a hoax intended to divert attention from the failed impeachment, from the success of the Trump economy, from the impending landslide election. They think that if they can make voters’ lives bad enough, they can blame Trump for it and convince voters into voting Democrat this fall. They are literally destroying the country to save it from four more years of Trump.

In Paradise Lost, Satan explains why he and the other Fallen Angels rebelled against God:

“Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.”

350 years after Milton, Democrats are re-enacting it here in America.

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