Kung Flu in MN

Scott Johnson from Powerline updates (his 37th) on the state of Kung Flu in MN.

We remain on lockdown. I seriously doubt that Minnesotans understand the lockdown is not intended to minimize our risks of contracting the virus. Public understanding of the sacrifices imposed on us persists at an incredibly low level. Governor Walz coaches us to wear masks as a psychological contribution to the cause. I would prefer not to.

Minnesotans also fail to understand this: outside of long-term care facilities and absent an underlying medical condition such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory or cardiac disease, they are essentially at no risk of death from the virus. For some reason the authorities do not seek to advertise this fact.

Update (20200513): From AlphaNewsMN, which is wondering about The Walz Covid Models (an article worth reading by itself) comes a comment from the article:

A giant surge of cases is coming May 1st which will overwhelm our hospitals and leave thousands of Minnesotans dying in hallways, parking lots, and sidewalks, untreated. You must Go To Your Room! for two weeks while we prepare.

Okay, we have plenty of ICU rooms but ventilators are on back-order. You must Stay In Your Room! two more weeks till they arrive; otherwise, the surge that’s coming May 12th will overwhelm our hospitals and leave thousands dying.

We have ICU rooms and ventilators sitting empty, but we need 5,000 tests per day to track where sick people are getting the virus. Don’t you Dare Come Out Of Your Room! before June, otherwise, the giant surge that’s coming in June-July-August will overwhelm our hospitals and . . . .

Notice how the Surge is always right around the corner and no matter how well we prepare, the goal posts keep moving? Because the Surge is definitely coming. Pretty soon now. It’s right around the corner and it’s gonna be Yuge! Aaaany day now.

Update (20200514) More stats:

Minnesota numbers not mentioned in the model:

Not one child has died from it.
Not one teen has died from it.
Not one 20-something has died from it.

2 people under 40, and 6 people under 50, have died from it.

If you are under 60, your odds of dying from it are 40 in 5,500,000. That’s 1 in 137,000. You’re more likely to get hit by lightning, die from a bee sting, or sink a hole-in-one.

If you’re 60 or older, or if you know you have risk factors, then act as if you were a grown-up adult possessing intelligence guided by experience. Take steps to protect yourself.

Everybody else – you have basically zero risk. Get to work.

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