How to Conduct Business with Chinese Companies That See a Dark Future

A couple of interesting posts from Instapundit.

Ohh, hello…. The quote below has a wealth of links.

China’s economy is hurting right now. On the one hand, food prices are soaring. See China’s consumer prices rise at fastest clip in nearly 8 years, as pork prices continue to soar. On the other hand, exports are plunging. See China’s exports decline for third successive month in October. Reliable economic indicaters (as opposed to official government statistics) paint an economy in trouble. See China’s economy is in more trouble than markets think. See also China’s car sales drop for 16th consecutive month as October falls 4 per cent. The tariffs are not helping nor is the Chinese government’s crackdown on private businesses. On top of the economic issues, many Chinese companies have become both wary of and angry at the West, particularly the United States. This too makes things riskier for foreign companies.

And, in the other post, Why Was the U.S. So Late to Recognize the China Threat. To which Glenn adds, China is also dangerous because it has so many of our leaders and institutions on the take or otherwise under its thumb. Just watch them pick up whatever the latest China line is, and you’ll have a good idea of who.

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