Unprepared, Part 4

Part 3 and links to previous here.

I don’t generally follow Jesse Kelly (his tweets) apart from those referenced by Schlichter, but there’s a few over the past few days that I like in this regard.

The First:

Our absurd response to this virus is absolutely a symptom of getting too soft. “If it saves one life” would have been laughed out of the room at any other point in our history.

We are The Scared Suburban Mom Society. Complete with a gallon of hand sanitizer.

Or as someone writes in response:

American politics is basically all about making white, college educated, upper class, suburban women happy


“I initially supported the lockdowns, but I don’t support these mayors and governors abusing them.” is akin to saying “I think the bull should be free to roam the china shop as long as he doesn’t break anything.”

Third, in response to someone expressing doubt about the polls showing support for the lockdowns:

No man. All the polls aren’t that wrong. Truth is we live in a pillow-soft society now that’s been slowly eroded over time. The America that threw a family in a covered wagon, headed West, and risked all manner of horrors for even a chance of greatness, that America is gone.

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