Jim Geraghty was always one of the more sensible of the National Review writers and continues to be so. In conjunction with an article he’s written, he tweets this:

I think a lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle — and particularly a chunk of the apolitical — believe that there always has to be some “good” solution to a problem, and that someone who is sufficiently smart or wise would find one.

I think a lot of people are psychologically unprepared for a situation where there are no good solutions, only varying degrees of bad — a no-win situation.

Update (20200428): Took a few days, but Ross Douthat, the oh-so sensible conservative from the NY Times steps up to validate Geraghty’s assertion:

The fact that Sweden and parts of the US right have converged on the same “let the old die for herd immunity” approach to the coronavirus demonstrates that Nordic socialism and American libertarianism are the twin faces of late liberalism, siblings not enemies, send tweet.

Sean Davis offers a response:

The fact that progressives and some center-right journos have converged on the same “let millions of poors lose their jobs and starve” approach to the coronavirus demonstrates that socialism and NeverTrumpism are the twin faces of late aristocracy, siblings not enemies.

There’a another longer version below.

Update (20200419): Michael Z. Williamson has a few things to say. There are various items in it that I can’t verify and/or don’t know to be true, but there is enough that is, so I want a record of it. The following seems important:

YOU CANNOT STOP THIS TYPE OF VIRUS. The shrieking Karens screaming “GOVERNOR, SHUT THIS STATE DOWN!” are complete idiots. [...]

If you all come out now, a bunch of you are going to get sick. If you hold off until May 1, even more of you are going to get sick, and we’ll be in the worst economic depression the world has ever known due to a complete lack of engaging in economy.

If you all hide until September, you’re STILL going to get sick, and at the worst time of year for it – October-December, just like the flu and other colds. More people will die on top of everyone who’s starving to death because we will have literally no economy left. (And I realize idiots don’t believe this is true, even though in just two weeks we’ve gone from 3% unemployment to 10%. It’ll be 20% by next week, and likely hit 40% by the end of April, if we don’t stop the stupidity right now.)

If you believe you can just hide out long enough for it to go away, you are an idiot. This apparently applies to most state governors.

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