A Tyranny of the Good, Part 2

A while ago, I referenced a quote from CS Lewis regarding A Tyranny of the Good. I just liked the quote, but things have changed so that now we all, certainly here where I live, but also many other places around the world, live under various Tyrannies of the Good.

Julie Kelly has some things to say about this The Tyranny of ‘Scientism’ and the Subversion of Science, Let’s not pretend we’re being guided by “science.” It’s tyranny disguised as the common good to rationalize authoritarian tactics employed by politicians like Phil Murphy and his like-minded colleagues. And too many Americans are falling for it, no questions asked.

There’s a nice description of the term scientism:

[T]he success of science has ironically given it an authority we too often accept without question. The provisional conclusions of research frequently are announced as definitive before the scientific community has adequately vetted them. But the prestige of science and its scholarly institutions can often obscure just how tentative the claims of much research are. When professional advancement, political advantage, or ideological gratification are bound up in the acceptance of new ideas or alleged truths, the temptation to suspend one’s skepticism becomes powerful and sometimes dangerous.

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