Funny Mud Go Pee

New cool lingo. Saw this on a tweet thread by Robby Starbuck.

Funny mud pee apparently translates roughly to go f*ck yourself or f*cking bullshit. It’s a new thing the wumao’s funded by CCP are saying. They’re… not smart.

The term in the Chinese tweets is “funny mud go pee”; I don’t know why Starbuck “abbreviated” it to “funny mud pee”. The term “wumao” or WuMao is apparently the term used to described CCP “bots”. As another comment put it, “Their system is searching in English for keywords, then the actual humans “wumaos” respond in a swarm. More of the accounts are run by humans than run by AI/bots.

Backstory from Starbuck:

You may have noticed aggressive tweets from me tonight about the Chinese Communist Party.

It was a test to draw attention from new CCP propaganda accounts and it worked.

Check these accounts: all replying in unison, all new accounts, few followers. Will @Jack look into this?

Yes, this blog is here for you with all the new cool lingo.

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