The Media Delenda Est

A paraphrase of the old phrase from the debates held in the Roman Senate prior to the Third Punic War, Carthago delenda est (English: Carthage must be destroyed).

Let’s set the scene with a couple of comments by Sean Davis of The Federalist. Posit:

The media hate you, they hate this country and what it stands for, they hate that they failed to rig 2016, failed to make Russian collusion stick, and failed to make impeachment stick, and their last-ditch 2020 play is to destroy the economy.


Media who spent 3+ years peddling the Russia hoax, doxxing random meme makers, harassing grandmothers, defaming Catholic teenagers, lying about Kavanaugh, and claiming Net Neutrality was Armageddon didn’t magically start telling you the truth last week.

That would normally be it, of course, because as correct and well-formed as these comments are they’re like Old News (to;dr if you know what I mean). But there’s something new on the horizon.

Instapundit came with this posting last night which has a number of related comments to this:

Ask yourself why the media called it the Wuhan virus until the moment the Chinese government began their big propaganda push, then it instantly became racist.

Our media is much, much worse than just biased.

This was followed by many more comments that indicate and raise serious questions as to just how treasonous our media, the MSM, has become.

So, back to Instapundit again (link URLs not included):

- Shot: MSNBC Accuses Fox News of Coronavirus ‘Misinformation.’
—NewsBusters, yesterday.

- Chaser: Coronavirus: Chinese official suggests U.S. Army to blame for outbreak.
—NBC News, yesterday.

- Hangover: The State Department Summoned Chinese Ambassador: Stop Spreading Lies that Coronavirus Began in America; Chinese State Media Threatens to Unleash “A Mighty Sea” of Coronavirus in America.
—Ace of Spades, yesterday.

Let’s head on over to that Ace post for a few quotes.

As the Washington Post reported last week, China is encouraging the spread of online conspiracy theories that the virus actually originated in the US

Yeah, I too am surprised to see this info came from the Washington Post.

[...] Jim Acosta’s claim that it “smacks of xenophobia” to call the Chinese coronavirus the Chinese coronavirus

Of course.

I spent (OK, wasted) a few hours looking for proof that the MSM was passing on that new spin from the Chinese and, to be honest, I couldn’t find any. So, I went and did something else. Later, I found that Schlichter had retweeted this.

China is engaged in a wide-scale propaganda effort to convince the world it is not responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and that it is a more proactive and reliable superpower than the U.S.

Many in the free press are happy to help China in this effort.

which pointed to an article in the Washington Examiner, Western media parroting Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

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