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With any luck Trump will do what the left has been asking and simply declare martial law, cancel the election and take over (heh). But if we have to continue to have elections, Tom Cotton would seem to be a good candidate for 2024. From Ace, Coronavirus Outbreak Is ‘Moment of Reckoning’ Between U.S. and China:

…”I can tell you that increasingly people are now awake to this threat [from China],” Cotton remarked. “President Trump has done very good job with, frankly, Republicans in Washington over the last four years to make them think a little bit less like corporate managers [and] a little bit more like American patriots first. We made a lot of wrong turns with China over the last 30 years. Now’s the time to fix that, and it’s time to fix it urgently.” Cotton considered calibrating federal government policy to promote domestic production of medicines towards lessening U.S. dependence on Chinese pharmaceutical exports.

“If you are engaged, for instance, in manufacturing basic pharmaceutical ingredients in China, I suggest to you that you need to pack up and get out, and if you don’t do it quickly, then the U.S. government may do it for you,” Cotton stated…

…”What we see with the Wuhan coronavirus, it’s not a bug. It is a feature of Communist Party rule,” Cotton said. “If the Chinese Communist Party had simply been open and transparent in early December, if they acknowledged they had a problem, if they had asked for support from the World Health Organization and world-class scientists, not just from the United States but from countries like South Korea and Japan and the countries of Europe, we might have been able to contain this inside of Wuhan, inside of Hubei province. But no, they acted like communists. They suppressed information. They visited people in the middle of the night who tried to blow the whistle on this virus, and now look where we are…”

Still more from Breitbart Joe Biden Cannot Be Trusted to Protect This Country from the Chinese Communist Party.

“In light of how China has unleashed this plague on the entire world through their dishonesty and their lack of transparency and corruption — it’s even more urgent that we examine Joe Biden’s decade-long record of being wrong on China,” he said. “This is not ancient history, either. Just last year, Joe Biden said the Chinese Communist Party’s full of good folks, and they’re not a competitor to the United States. Last month, when President Trump shut down travel from China, which is the single-most important step our government has taken to arresting the spread of the Chinese coronavirus here, Joe Biden called it ‘xenophobic.’ Joe Biden cannot be trusted to protect this country from the Chinese Communist Party.”

And this seems important, White House Previews Executive Order to Reduce Medical Supply Chain Dependence on China.

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