The Joe Biden Theory and the Ukrainian macguffin

The left has proven over the last few years that it can’t meme, and they can’t conspiracy theory either. This is very good. In homage to just how good it it, I’m using (borrowing, horking) the subject from that post.

Point 7 out of the total eight is emblematic:

What are the Dems covering up in Ukraine? It must be big if they staged an impeachment and risked their entire political capital over it. Otherwise they wouldn’t have spied on Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine trying to tarnish his investigation and to besmirch him personally. They even identified Giuliani’s two Ukrainian associates and had them arrested for exceeding a political campaign donation. If Michael Cohen’s story is any indication, the men were likely threatened with imprisonment and then offered a deal in exchange for dirt on Giuliani and Trump.

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