A Desolate Post-Christian Dystopia

I don’t quite know how to approach this, but I think it is worth noting. Instapundit has, for a while now, linked to the writings of Adrian Vermeule, a Harvard law professor. He’s usually interesting in an off-beat, meta- sort of way, and this is no exception.

In this case, Mr Vermeule retweets another tweet that itself retweets a tweet from Guy Verhofstadt, a big wheel in the EU hierarchy, with a campaign video from a Northern Irish political party, the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland. I say campaign video but I can’t find any indications at this time that there actually is an electoral campaign going on in Northern Ireland. This video is either an effort to “cheer up” those Remainers (ie, remain in the EU) living in Northern Ireland after Brexit a few days ago or a campaign video from some past election. Regardless, Verhofstadt seems to like it.

The video is quite dark and dour and not very appealing. The retweeters seem to agree

If anyone still had any doubts that the European Union is anything other than a desolate post-Christian dystopia, this terrifying video will wash them away. A barren, bleak Europe of unnamed masses and freaks living joyless, isolated lives.

To which Vermeule bluntly adds

If one understands why this video features no married couples with children, the implicit political theology of the current EU becomes clear

Update (20200207): Moved the comments that were here to a new post.

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