Lots of reactions to that halftime show

The subject comes from a troll here in which it was insinuated that it is a Bad Thing that “Conservatives sure are concerned with decency”. I asked for an explanation and as of yet am still waiting.

YouTube put together a video of the halftime show within minutes of its completion (I wasn’t really watching the game nor show) and so I jumped through it looking for something interesting. There was none. The two partially clad women were “fun”, but music was tedious and uninteresting. Meh.

Heading over to Powerline, there was a post there about this very topic, Halftime for Halfwits. The most popular comment there (as of this writing) makes a good point that enunciates what I was implying (poorly) above (my bold below):

The purpose of most of the sexualized grandstanding in popular entertainment it to cover up the lack of genuine original ideas. The music thumps without melody, harmony or rhythmic variety. The words are banal and stupid. The dancing is just synchronized aerobics.

It makes perfect sense to object to the obscenity. But the obscenity is just there to distract from the stupidity.

Redstate also commented on the hyper-sexualization:

No matter how you slice it, and no matter what “cultural” aspects you add to it, the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were essentially a burlesque show that, on multiple occasions, had the camera focus on body parts and had suggestive movements.

A burlesque show. Good one.

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