More Proof

I came to the decision that there must be a God sometime last year and documented it here.

Oregon Muse from Ace’s Place comments on the fact that Trump will be the first president to address the annual March for Life. In its history of nearly 40 years (btw, there’s lots more at that link that is fun and interesting):

How is this possible? I know this isn’t a religious blog, so I crave your indulgence here, but the only explanation I have for this is that God made it happen.

I think God is giving us what we want, only He is doing it in such a way that we can’t take credit for it ourselves. Because if Trump were a SuperConservative president doing SuperConservative things because he was elected by SuperConservatives like us, we would boast in the wonderfulness of our SuperConservative policies and positions and say, look at the wonderful thing we did. But we can’t do that, because Trump is no SuperConservative and heck, we didn’t even LIKE the guy and only voted for him because the only alternative was a corrupt old drunk. And this is something the NeverTrumpers and the French Davidians can’t understand and get all huffy because of all the support a president they despise enjoys. And so they join with the left in cursing his supporters, which, you know, is probably not going to endear you to them, but you’ve now burned pretty much all of the bridges, so have a nice life trying to grift from your new pals on the left. Anyway, look, Donald Trump is a very flawed man, we all can see that, but God can draw straight with crooked lines, and that’s what we’re seeing.

Now that is an interesting angle. As well as the “corrupt old drunk” aside.

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