Not a Prom Date

I’m not an activist level pro-life supporter, but I do approve.

President Trump is going to make his boldest pro-life move to date when he becomes the first president to ever speak in person at the March for Life

And so comes a new opportunity for a Trump supporter, this time Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, to explain yet again.

Whenever I talk to the Never Trumpers who still speak to me, this is the kind of thing that I point to as being actually important. I don’t care that he’s indelicate at times. I don’t care that he sometimes can’t get out of his own way. I really, really don’t care that he’s not nice all the time.

I’ve repeatedly said that, after decades of conservative activism, I don’t need a prom date, I need a president who will do some things that I like.

This is something that I like very much.


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