The Centennial of Both Prohibition and Suffrage

And the Correlation Between the Two. Yeah, so after kyping a post by that Buck Throckmorton fella the other day from over at Ace’s place, he writes another goodie.

It is trendy to mock our country for the puritan futility of prohibition, and for the backwardness of women being denied the vote as recently as 100 years ago. Among all the snark and mockery from modern Americans, however, a critical point is being forgotten – prohibition and suffrage went hand in hand. Prohibition could have been avoided if women had continued to be denied the voting franchise as the 1900s commenced. How many progressive young Americans would forsake their IPAs and craft liquors and go completely dry to end a civil wrong? That is what American men did a century ago.

Which concludes in part

[...] I’m most certainly not arguing that women should have been denied the vote [...]

Must. Resist.

There’s lots more info that I didn’t kype and I didn’t know. One of the commenters there adds

I’ve noticed that people who look at the history seem almost embarrased to mention the true reason that Prohibition ended so suddenly, which was state revenue.

In the 20′s it didn’t seem like such a big loss – and when the Depression came in, State revenues collapsed. State legislatures got desperate – the entire State of Arkansas even went bankrupt in 1933. Here was this nice big pot of money, taxes on Legal Booze, just sitting there waiting to be picked up. That’s why they all jumped at the chance to undo it so quickly in ’32 – ’33.

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