Home Defense: Dogs vs Guns

David Frum contributes this bit home defense advice:

For home defense, you want a dog. If your kids come home at an unexpected hour, the dog won’t bite them.David Frum added,

to which Molratty responds

The statistics for accidental shootings are so low the CDC doesn’t even have those numbers, but it reports accidental shooting deaths at about 400 a year.

There are 4.7 million dog bites each year.

and continues

If you’re doing a simple risk analysis about guns, you’re going to end up looking dumb.

Also, you can’t do this kind of risk analysis without taking into account the opposite: how many times guns have stopped robbery versus how many times dogs have.

But, I enjoy the replies from people chuckling over the paranoia of gun owners. That’s some primo self awareness right there.

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