Trump Is Quietly Winning Bigly At The Border

The title comes from an interesting article from a magazine called Issues and Insights. You can use the link to stick in the face of those who criticize the Trump administration for not doing anything about illegal immigration. Let’s look at a couple quotes.

Before this policy went into effect, illegal immigrant families knew that if they crossed the border and claimed asylum, they’d effectively get a free pass. Immigration officials would release them into the U.S. within 20 days, on the promise that they would show up for their court date months in the future. Few bother to return. This policy was dubbed “Catch and Release” for a reason.

Now, they must wait in Mexico while immigration judges review their cases.

What “Remain in Mexico” revealed is how few asylum seekers have legitimate claims. In fact, judges granted asylum in less than 1% of the more than 10,000 MPP claims resolved so far, according to TRAC Research Center at Syracuse University.

The impact of this program has been little short of profound.

And this too: About a mile of new wall built each day along Mexico border

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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