The Left’s Superpower

Some knucklehead writer from Time magazine tweets

Explain why “free market” transactions are so much more abundant and successful in the highly regulated United States than in much less regulated Somalia

to which Schlichter responded:

Because you can’t have meaningful free market transactions without the rule of law.

I’m getting so tired of people saying stupid things because the kind of people who watch Colbert will think these are smart things

There were also a number of interesting follow-up tweets as well. Like this one:

The government’s primary function is to provide a foundation of order, upon which justice can be maintained. Order and justice make the exercise of meaningful liberty possible. How do people not grasp this?


Contract law is key to free market transactions.

But this next one is the reason for this post and the basis for the title.

That is the left’s super power. The ability to exhaust sane people with endless amounts of smug and or/hysterical nonsense.

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