Crime and Culture, the Next Chapter

So Uriasposten reports on a Facebook entry in which mom tells of her son (14) and his cousin who absolutely had to go into Copenhagen to go to the movies instead of staying out in the suburbs. The two were apparently accosted in Copenhagen at a subway station and the mom made the comment (original below the fold):

My worst fear was realized unfortunately and it was confirmed that one can’t let their children go around freely in this country.

There are some interesting details about this. The mother is half-Palestinian and married to a Turkish immigrant. It seems odd (to me) to the point of irresponsibility to let one’s son go into Copenhagen at 14. Even with a cousin. Apparently, this post was shared or forwarded onward and a number of so-called racist comments were made to which the mother added an all-caps prologue to the original comment in which she claims that this has nothing to do with racism.

And now to the actual point, I’m always a fan of satire, sarcasm, parody and one of the comments at Uriasposten had them all.

As Susan [the mother] points out, this has, of course, nothing to do with culture nor religion. I myself was attacked by a group of young Jehovah’s Witnesses who were standing around “hanging out” and smoking hash one day at the Copenhagen Fish Market not so long ago. A number of their friends from the Inner Mission [a extreme Danish Lutheran sect like Missouri or Wisconsin Synod] and the local church arrived and all together gave me multiple punches and kicks. Finally, four Catholics arrived and stole my cell phone and wallet. This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam – Christian children are infamous for their countless street robberies and meaningless assaults. Evert time one hears the words “robbery”, “group”, and “assault” in the same sentence, it is almost certain that the names “Anders”, “Rasmus”, and “Peter” are behind it.

Min værste frygt blev desværre til virkelighed, og jeg blev bekræftet i at man ikke kan lade sine børn færdes frit i dette land????

Som Susan påpeger, har det selvfølgelig intet med kultur eller religion at gøre. Blev selv overfaldet af en gruppe Jehova-drenge, der stod og “hang ud” og røg hash på Fisketorvet for noget tid siden. Flere af deres venner fra Indre Mission og den lokale folkekirke kom også til og begyndte i samlet flok at tildele mig adskillige slag og spark. Endelig kom fire katolikker og røvede min telefon og pung. Det har absolut intet med islam at gøre – kristne børn er berygtede for deres utallige gaderøverier og meningsløse overfald. Hver gang man hører ordene “røveri”, “gruppe” og “overfald” i samme sætning, er det nærmest sikkert, at navne som “Anders”, “Rasmus” og “Peter” står bag.

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