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As is his wont, Snaphanen finds something quite interesting (scroll down to the “Kriminalitet er kulturel” section). Original text below the fold.

Note, translating the terms “udsat” or “udsatte områder” is a bit difficult. The books I have from the 70s either define it simply as “exposed”, possibly “exposed to danger”, (Gyldendals Røde Ordbog Dansk-Engelsk) or don’t define the word at all (Politikens Nudansk Ordbog). The website, Den Danske Ordbog defines the word as being in a situation that carries some risk for undesirable effects, disagreeable aspects (“som er i en situation som indebærer risiko for uønskede påvirkninger, ubehageligheder el.lign.“). Google Translate uses “exposed” but also “vulnerable”. This indicates that the word that the word taken on new life of late and, as seen in the usage below, strongly hints that it is now intended to be muddled in meaning.

Crime is cultural.

The only ones in vulnerable areas are the Europeans.

Patrik Engellau draws attention to a five year old Norwegian study that contradicts every single one of the Swedish Marxist politicians. And no, immigrant crime has little to do with living in vulnerable areas in Sweden. They are only exposed to danger from the culture they brought with them and the Swedish politicians’ almost criminal mass-import of violence and crime. The word “exposed” (ie, “udsatte”) is a term invented by politicians to serve as a way of redirecting blame and attention from their own mistakes.

I’ve translated (attempted to translate the Swedish of) Patrik Engellau’s comments in the paragraphs below (you will need to go to this site to see the graphics).

Serendipitously, that is, by the luck of finding something good that I did not know I was looking for, I stumbled across a five-year-old Norwegian scientific criminological study by the researchers Skardhamar and Aaltonen which shows that what determines a migrant’s degree of criminality compared to the indigenous population is not, as Morgan Johansson [the present Swedish minister of the Home Affairs] and Stefan Löfven [the present Swedish Prime Minister] believe, the living conditions in vulnerable areas of the immigrated-to country regardless of the criminal patterns in the country of origin [I think this is correct].

Specifically, this scientific study suggests that people from different countries of origin exhibit similar criminal behavior regardless of the country to which they migrate, which would mean that they are not affected by conditions in the immigrant country but bring their criminal behavior in their baggage. Study the following diagram and I will try to explain:

The researchers have measured the tendency for violent crimes in migrants from different countries as well as the indigenous population in Finland and Norway. This tendency is compared between the countries of origin and ranked (the numbers 1 to 25 on the shoulders for a total of 25 nationalities). For example, Somalis are ranked 25th in Finland, while North Americans are ranked 5th.

The striking thing about the chart – and what motivates the conclusions I initially drew – is that different nationalities of origin exhibit essentially the same criminal behavior in both Finland and Norway. The closer the observation is to the diagonal line – which shows that the tendency for violent crimes for a certain kind of immigrant is the same regardless of whether the ports in Finland or Norway are concerned – the clearer the pattern becomes.

The migrants in the box to the left show less crime than Finns and Norwegians.

The longer I study the chart, the more bizarre the Justice and Prime Minister’s theory seems to be that the blame for the crime falls in the areas of exclusion, not the nationality of the criminals.

As bonus material, you get here the same kind of account of criminal theft:

According to the researchers, the fact that Sweden gets so high in Finland is due to the presence of a large number of Swedish Finnish-speaking Roma [the generic name for gypsies or, as they say in the UK, pikies]

Kriminalitet er kulturel

De eneste “udsatte” er de europæiske folk
Patrik Engellau gør opmærksom på en fem år gammel norsk undersøgelse, der modsiger samtlige, svenske, marxistiske politikere. Og nej, indvandreres kriminalitet har ikke særlig meget at gøre med, at de bor i såkaldt “udsatte områder” i Sverige. De er kun udsatte for den kultur, de medbringer, og for svenske politikeres nærmest kriminelle masseimport af vold og forbrydelser. De “udsatte” er et politikeropfundet begreb, der skal tjene til at fjerne skyld og opmærksomhed fra deres egne bommerter. Fra Immigrant crime in Norway and Finland.

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