The Essence of Gammatude

Vox has in the past written, complained even, about gammas (basic info about the socio-sexual hierarchy here or here) whom he has had to deal with on his site. My impression is that they are all eventually banned from commenting there because they are just that annoying.

For me, the gamma-thing, well, I just didn’t get it. I mean, I understand the behavior and I enjoy some of the characterizations of gammas (the “wall of text” is very good), but there never seemed to be any relevance to anything I might encounter. Until I read this. For some reason, this post catalyzed a eureka-like moment.

In the post. Vox refers to someone else, the Kurgan, and his encounters with gammas:

I mean… I’m not exactly what you’d call a very hopeful and optimistic character when it comes to the expectations of rationality from other humans but it’s truly a wonder to behold to what lengths people will avoid the plain facts in front of them in order to keep believing some absurd concept or outright lie they became invested in.

To which Vox adds:

One cannot understand the core concept of gamma without grasping that the gamma male’s absolute priority is maintaining the integrity of his delusion bubble. Now, every man is capable of being similarly stubborn and stupid about any idea to which he is emotionally attached, but what separates the gamma pattern of behavior from those of other male behaviors is the way that the gamma applies this instinctive response to everything, especially anything that has the potential to threaten his precious self-esteem.

And then I started thinking about all the lefty commenters on the various sites I visit. Which quickly moved to the Democrat’s as well as the mainstream media’s craven obsession with destroying Trump regardless of the basis or the consequences. It really seems as if gammas are not simply annoying but actually dangerous.

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