The More Things Change… (Part II)

I didn’t intend to save any images, but I’m making an exception for this. Back when newspapers were not all acting as semi-autonomous propaganda organs for the Democratic Party, it was possible to see different perspectives and even – gasp! – criticism of the Left in mainstream venues. This image is particularly poignant coming as it does from some 80 years ago.

Click on image to embiggen

I got here from a post at Ace’s place (coincidentally, by Dave In Texas. a regular contributor at The Greatest Blog in the World). That referenced a post at another site comprising a collection of Cartoons from the Great Depression – Part 2, no less as well. Well worth a visit. Note especially cartoon #2) Jobless Recovery circa 1931 – the more things change, indeed.

Thanks to all concerned for keeping and linking these pieces of history.

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