And Still More

And as a spin-off from the previous spin-off

It’s not that unusual as a perspective (the bolded part below), but I like the way it is phrased. Andy Ngo responds to a tweet (The thread comments mention that someone on video looks like Ilhan’s married boyfriend – perhaps she was there too?):

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar expresses support for a thread where Republican Minnesotans are called “fascists [who] came into our city yesterday to terrorize us.”

The mainstreaming of antifa extremism is what empowers its militants to launch violent attacks on the public.

My point, echoing Schlichter, is to wonder why those who are mainstreaming Antifa extremism would not think there would be a response? Regardless of whether the response is a tit for a tat or just another step in a whole series of tits and tats.

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