Two Perspectives

This comes on the heels of three things. The first is, as alluded to in the text, some sort of Democrat get-together; an LGBT town hall, which was filled with vows to shred the Constitution and use raw State power to socially engineer the American people. Second, an acquaintance declared himself to be a paleo-conservative (Infogalactic version) and third, another just decided to not be afraid to declare for Trump and, indeed, even vote for him.

And the one hand, a nice discussion explaining (yet again) why Trump is popular with evangelicals. The unrolled version.

From the text:

This is the core reason for “conserving” anything. Conservatism is not thoughtless, stubborn resistance to new ideas. It is determined resistance against the use of force to make people kneel to ideas they disagree with. It is respect for the sovereign individual.

Conservatism is about understanding why long-cherished ideals are held and respecting those who embrace them; knowing why the fence is there before you tear it down. Change should come through PERSUASION, not compulsion, and the answer might be “no.”

If you’re not ready to do whatever it takes to protect the Bill of Rights, the 1st and 2nd Amendments – and that VERY CLEARLY requires defeating the Democrat candidate in 2020 by all means necessary – then in what sense are you an American “conservative?”

If you’re willing to put the totalitarian social engineers on the Democrat stage last night in power, then at BEST you’re a progressive with a few qualms about their uglier methods and most extreme goals. You’ve conceded defeat to them and just want to negotiate a few details.

On the other hand, fighting, clawing, scratching, grabbing at things to prevent being dragged into the vortex, Mitch comes to grips with The Irreducible Logic Of An Illogical Choice.

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